What is the Aura Athletica Box?
The Aura Athletica Box is a carefully selected collection made for you, by you! This new service allows you three (3) days to try on select athletic and athleisure items for free, and purchase the items that you love and choose to keep!


How can I place my order for the Aura Athletica Box?

  1. You will receive an email, or SMS with a unique link to access your curated collection.
  2. Click the link and login with the password provided to you via email, or SMS.
  3. Browse the choices on your screen and pick the style, color, and size of the item you want to try on by clicking the "Add to my AA Box" button!
  • If you are eyeing something at our store that’s not in your collection, feel free to send us a message and we'll add it in the link! 
  • When you’re done choosing, simply checkout your box and wait for it to be delivered. Don't worry, we'll contact you when it's on the way!
  • Once you have your box, open it and try your items! We'll give you 3 days to try everything you got!
  • Like everything, or simply found some things you like? Go ahead and send us a message and we’ll help you check out those items you want and send you your link to pay! 
  • If you wish to return some item/s, or are not keeping anything, let us know so we can help you return them for FREE!
  • That's it! Enjoy, and let our courier pick up the rest (if there are any) the next day!

    When and how will I receive my items? 

    Your Aura Athletica Box will be delivered and shipped to your doorstep from our store in Power Plant Mall through our partner couriers within 1-3 working days across NCR. 


    You can also pick up your box in-store, and get it within 1-2 hours after the store confirms!


    What is your Packaging Policy?

    Your Aura Athletica Box will come in custom packaging that fits the items you selected!

    How long can I try the items in my Aura Athletica Box?

    We'll give you 3 days to try on everything you received! If you found your staples and wish to check out, you may contact our Personal Shopper at 09157304940 via WhatsApp, or Viber to help you out!


    How much will my Aura Athletica Box be?

    You’ll only be paying for the items you choose to keep from your Aura Athletica box!


    What are your payment options and in what currency will my payment at checkout be charged in?

    We accept the following payment methods - debit and credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal, e-wallets such as Gcash and Maya, and BillEase Installments!


    All payments are made in Philippine Peso (PHP).

    What if the items I received are the wrong size or defective? 

    You may reach out and coordinate with our Personal Shopper, Russel, at 09157304940 via WhatsApp, or Viber who’ll help you get the correct size and adjust your collection accordingly!


    How do I return my items?

    For the items you wish to return, you may reach out to our Personal Shopper, Russel, at 09157304940 via WhatsApp, or Viber who’ll be happy to help you out! Once that’s confirmed and sorted, the store will have your items picked up at your delivery address for FREE!


    What if the items I return are defective/have damage?


    If the item/s returned to us are defective/have damage (i.e. tag removed, stains, holes), you’ll be asked to pay for the cost of the item.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Please note that you can only cancel your order within the day you ordered and as long as you have not received an email informing you that your order is on its way for delivery. If you have received that email containing that and your order’s delivery tracking number, you cannot cancel your order anymore.


    How can I reach Aura Athletica?

    You may get in touch with us through the Aura Athletica Personal Shopper at 09157304940, via email at hi@auraathletica.com, and through Aura Athletica’s Facebook page and Instagram account, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!